The Effect Of Different Fluids On Urine Volume, Concentration, And Ph

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Timothy Cirera WED Lab Physiology 12 Renal Lab Effects of Different Fluids on Urine Volume, Concentration, and pH Introduction The examination of urine is called urinalysis, which is a diagnostic method for assessing renal function and diagnosing various types of pathophysiology involving not on the kidneys but other organs and tissues as well. We will be focusing on the kidneys for this experiment. The kidneys play an essential role in regulating of extracellular concentrations of water, electrolytes, and certain end product of metabolism; additionally they regulate pH and osmotic pressure. The primary functional unit of the kidneys is the nephron. Each kidney contains approximately one million nephron. Urine is formed in the nephron…show more content…
The nutrient glucose is entirely reabsorbed back into the blood from the proximal tubules. Sodium ions and other ions are only partially reabsorbed from the renal tubules. Secretion is the final process by which substances move into the distal and collecting tubules from the blood in the capillaries around these tubules. Secretion moves substances out of the blood and into the tubules where they mix with water and other wastes and then converted into urine. Kidney tubule secretion plays an important role in maintaining the body’s acid-base balance. Hypothesis: In this experiment subjects receiving water will produce higher volumes of urine than the people receiving Gatorade. Also those consuming water will have a lower pH level and a lighter color. People who drink just water without additives will produce more volume of urine because the water will not be reabsorbed. Nutrients such as sugar and electrolytes from the Gatorade will be reabsorbed therefore the volume released will be less. Methods For this lab every student had to participate. Before the experiment started every participant had to fast for 4 hours. The time period for the experiment was from 12:00pm till 3:00pm. In the beginning of the experiment every participant received a sterol cup for the urine sample. During this experiment individual subjects had to empty their bladder every half an hour. To begin everyone began the initial urine specimen and half an hour later
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