The Effect Of Different Stakeholders Exert At Mercedes Benz

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1.0: Introduction
In this report, I am going to evaluate the influence of different stakeholders exert at Mercedes Benz. The stakeholders I will be discussing is the owner of the business, customers who buy cars as they provide good quality of service, employees who help the business to perform well and making profits and the Government who support Mercedes Benz because they have been running successfully throughout the years so they want to invest money to further develop the business. On the other hand, I will make the following points in my report is by commenting on the level of influence that each stakeholder exerts on Mercedes Benz. I will also be referring to evidence from different sources for the comments that I make. I will state the strengths and the weaknesses on the influence of different stakeholders. Also, I will make recommendations on how Mercedes Benz can do to overcome the weaknesses which can affect their performance. At the end I will write a conclusion by summarising what I wrote in the report, which stakeholders have the most influence and which stakeholders have the least influence in Mercedes Benz. 1.1: Term of reference
My term referee for BTEC Level 3 90 credits Diploma in Business Unit 1 D1, The Business Environment is Uzma Mirza and she is my lecturer from the Business School at Uxbridge College. This report needs to be completed by Friday 20th March 2015. The main purpose to write this report is to show my understanding about the influence…
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