The Effect Of E Commerce Strategies On The Sales Of Marks And Spencer

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1. Introduction
E-commerce has been considered to be a primary element to change the global economy and the method which business is conducted. (Shin, 2001) It impels enterprises to search for new sources and new measures to expand the markets for growing profits. With its flexibility to the changing trends, E-commerce allows business to have instant response to this continuous change.

Marks and Spenser, a retailer with 130-year history, had once been seen as a national institution in Great Britain. However, the glory did not sustain. After the dramatic decline on the sales since late 1990s, it was inevitable for the enterprise to reconsider its marketing strategies. Traditional mass promotional strategies are no longer effective in
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As a consequence, M&S has been increasingly implementing E-commerce strategies to adapt to a rapidly changing environment in order to meet customers’ needs.
2.2 A brief history---- the development of E-commerce of M&S
For the purpose of accommodating to the era of high technology, in 2007, M&S embarked on its E-commerce journey by associating with, which is an international electronic commerce company. During the partnership, Amazon offered M&S the high tech behind three systems: the retailer’s website, in-store and telephone ordering services. With the assistance of Amazon, the enterprise kept accountable for the management of the website, the operation of customers service, warehousing, and distribution. (Tran, 2005)

Due to the fact that M&S is a large retailer requiring a platform, which can be more related to the iconic status of the brand. Amazon web store, a great platform for smaller sellers, was probably a good support for M&S in the early ages, as M&S was an infant to E-commerce. However, the partnership is no longer suitable for this company now. (Lucht, 2014)
After over two years of surveying and testing with existing and potential customers, the new website platform, M&, which the enterprise can own the entire control, was eventually launched in February 2014. (M&S, 2014) The recently launched web infrastructure has indeed outperformed on
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