The Effect Of E Readers

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The Effects of E-Readers The article that is being analyzed in this paper is “Is E-reading to Your Toddler Story time, or Simply Screen Time?” this article was found at published October 2014. To begin, this paper will look at how the article fits into the symbolic interactionism theoretical perspective. Secondly, this paper will show how when we interact with others during play we start to develop a self and we are also learning what others are feeling or thinking, which is key to a child as they develop and helps them become well rounded members of society. This paper will examine just how important it is that parents are making time to read to their children and how this ties into George Herbert Mead’s taking the role of the others theory. This paper will also look at how E-readers are still new technology to parents and researchers. Lastly, the paper will end with Ferdinand Tonnies’s social structure theory Gesellschaft which examines the effects of how impersonal relationships are made when parents opt for E-readers opposed to actual books. (Henslin pg. 11-101) This article looks into the effect tablets and e-readers are having on a child’s language development and how they are wondering if this new technology can replace story time between parent and child. In this article it covers how doctors in the past and still today only recommend a child have no more than two hours of screen time a day. The popularity of educational applications for tablets and
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