The Effect Of Effort And Equity On Fairness Essay

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Abstract This study will examine how the effect of effort and equity is on fairness. The study will consist of one hundred and twenty participants. These participants will be put into three groups with a confederate in each. The confederate in each group will either do high, medium or no effort in to the tasks given. It will be found that men feel they are being treated unfairly most when in the group where the confederate does no effort. The Effect of Effort and Equity on Fairness Almost everyday someone in a workplace feels that they are not receiving the right equity for the effort they put into their work. Or that their coworker has not put in much work and is getting equal or more equity than they are. In any work environment it is important for effort and equity to be balanced, in order for the company to succeed. With having these two things balanced, the employees will have a strong relationship in wanting to go to work and get what needs to be get done, done. It would now be planted in their heads that if they were to slack off on their work it will affect their pay check. The theory that helps explains this phenomenon is Adam’s Theory of Equity on Motivation. Adam’s equity theory explains that effort and equity need to be balanced in order for employees to not feel any stress and have a strong relationship in wanting to do their work (Adam, 1963). In a study of pay satisfaction, it shows that payment systems had been a great measurement of how to measure
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