The Effect Of Enzyme And Substrate On Chemical Reaction Rates Essay

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Abstract In this experiment we tested the effects that enzymes and substrate have on chemical reaction rates, which is the rate at which chemical reactions occur.. This experiment tested how different concentrations of enzyme and substrate affected the light absorption measurements on a spectrophotometer. The experiment also tested how temperature affected the light absorption, and in a separate test, the effect of the enzyme inhibitor hydroxylamine was also tested. In the first test conducted, 3 different concentrations of enzyme, and three different concentrations of substrate were measured in a spectrophotometer. For the enzyme and the substrate, the measurements got higher as the concentrations were higher, but the over measurements of the substrate were smaller than those of the enzyme. In the second test conducted, the medium concentration enzyme was tested under the temperatures; 4°C, 23°C, 37°C, and 60°C. The measurements in this test got higher as the temperature got higher, but did the measurements under 4°C were overall significantly higher than the other temperature measurements. Lastly, the last test conducted showed that the measurements of the substance with 0 and 1 drop of hydroxylamine inhibitor went up, but the measurements of the enzyme with 5 drops of hydroxylamine inhibitor stayed rather low and did not change much. In conclusion, these experiments showed that chemical reaction rates are sped up with higher concentrations of enzyme, substrate,
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