The Effect Of Enzymes On The Concentration Of A Protein

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“Enzymes are catalysts that speed up chemical reactions without being used up in the process” (Leady). A catalyst helps speed up a chemical reaction without being changed during the reaction. Enzymes are specific meaning that they can work with only a specific set of chemical reactions. Most enzyme names end in -ase. The shape of a protein is very important in its function for the reaction. The molecule the enzyme works on is called a substrate. In order for this enzyme to work on this reaction the substrate must first fit into an activation site. When an enzyme binds to its substrate, it is called an enzyme-substrate complex. The resulting chemicals from the reaction are called the products. Enzymes can be affected by a few variables such as pH and temperature. “All enzymes work best at a specific temperature in the reaction to work. About an average human, enzymes work greatly at 98.6 Fahrenheit or 37.5 Celsius”(Effect). The lower the temperatures are the slower the enzyme works. At low temperatures, the enzyme does not work as well because there is not enough movement between the molecules to have the substrate, and the enzyme meets and binds together. The higher temperatures can cause a denature of an enzyme. This means that enzyme shape is changing making the enzyme inactive. “The reason is that enzymes are proteins that are made up of amino acids and at high temperatures the hydrogen bonds break which then uncoils the protein and stops its function”(Enzymes). In
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