The Effect Of Ethanol On The Production Of Ethanol

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The production of Ethanol has been happening for many of years. The production of Ethanol is a form alcoholic beverages, which humans have been drinking for many of hundreds of years. Ethanol is produced when alcoholic fermentation occurs. Alcoholic or Ethanol fermentation is a biological process that produces ethanol without needing oxygen. What is needed for this process to work is glucose and yeast. The production of alcohol or ethanol is the chemical reaction that happens when yeast breaks downs glucose (sugar). Glucose + Yeast → Alcohol + Carbon Dioxide. The different types of alcoholic beverages come from the different glucose used, like the glucose from different fruits. Whenever producing Ethanol or Alcohol you need to make sure that it is being brewed into a vessel which allows the carbon dioxide to escape and prevents oxygens from coming in.

The Volmith Boutique Brewery has recently opened up their business and the demand of their products has put stress on their staff. They have hired an group to conduct out a series of experiments to observe the significant changes that might hinder or improve the production rate of the alcohol being produced. The first variable we change was the temperature the group keep the flasks at. It was hypothesised by the individual that the flasks that were at the temperature of 37 degrees and 25 degrees were to produce the most ethanol. This is because the optimal temperature for yeast is in between 35-45 degrees. The flask that
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