The Effect Of Exercise On A Person's Mood

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Question 1.) When trying to gather data on a testable subject there are usually many different possible ways to approach it. When talking about the effects of exercise on a person’s mood this is also the case. An experiment could be conducted to see what your mood does with and without exercise. You would have a group of people all experiencing the same conditions. They would eat the same foods, sleep the same amount and have all the same factors in their daily routines. Then you would have half of the group incorporate exercise into their routine and the other half would not. Then you could study what incorporating exercise does to the people’s mood. This could be an effective method to study with but at the same time you would have to be…show more content…
When using naturalistic observations you have to be careful about observer bias, when observers see what they expect to see or record only selected details, and anthropomorphic error, attributing human thoughts, feelings, or motives to animals especially when explaining their behaviors. A case study may not be effective to study the effects of exercise on mood because it is an in-depth study into all aspects of a single person and that would not give a lot of data to look at when looking for a correlation. Question 2.) When you step on a tack it stimulates an automatic response in the body called the reflex arc. These reflexes arise in the spinal cord without the help of the brain. The pain would first be detected in the foot by a sensory neuron with sends a message to the spinal cord. A sensory neuron is a neuron that carries a messages from the senses to the central nervous system. Once the message is in the spinal cord is synapses with a connector neuron. A connector neuron links two neurons together. This connector neuron then activates a motor neuron which is a neuron that carries messages from the central nervous system to the muscles and glands. Then the message reaches the effector neurons in the muscle fibers, and effector neurons are neurons capable of producing a response. The muscle cells then contract causing you to pull your foot away from the tack.
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