The Effect Of Exercise On Pain Perception

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The role of exercise in pain perception has been widely researched for over a number of years as Koltyn (2000) found research had been taking place for more than twenty years. Previous studies have identified the significance of exercise in the treatment and rehabilitation for many patients with chronic pain (Naugle, Fillingham, & Riley, 2012). According to IASP Taxonomy, International Association for the Study of Pain, “hypoalgesia is diminished pain in response to a normally painful stimulus” (Merskey, & Bogduk, 2011). It was suggested that further examination was required to develop an understanding of hypoalgesic responses following different modes of exercise (Koltyn, 2000). Further studies have provided evidence that healthy …show more content…
The materials required to complete this experiment were two bowls, ice water, two thermometers and four stopwatches.
Each participant was provided with instructions on how the experiment was to proceed. This included the placing of their left hand into a bowl of cold water. The reason given for this was so that the examiners could investigate the length of time that they could keep their hand in the water before it was aversive but able to be tolerated. The second part of this was to find out the length of time that they could keep their hand in the water before it was too aversive to tolerate. The participants were told to immediately remove their hand at this point. To discover if exercise influenced their pain perception, the participants were told that they would be asked to run for ten minutes at their own pace. This would be timed and that they would be informed when the time had lapsed. They were asked after this if they would come back and have a five minute rest period prior to repeating the first test. The participants were then asked to repeat the first part of the test. They were reminded to advise the examiner when they start feeling pain and when it is too aversive for them to hold their hand in the cold water and to remove their hand at this point. Whilst the participants are receiving their instructions a second administrator prepares the ice water and sets
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