The Effect Of Explicit Sexualstimuli On The Brand Name Recall

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While research found that explicit sexualstimuli does not adversely affect brand name recall among 18-to-26 year oldstudents, such stimuli was found to exert a negative effect on messagecomprehension among this population segment when there is a substantialvolume of information available for processing (Severn, Belch, and Belch,199 , pp. Do the advertisements that you have seen that includedmembers of the opposite sex make you want to do anything in particular? Did the advertisements that included members of theopposite sex make you think differently about that sex than you havethought before seeing the advertisements? Ethnographic interviews are largely unstructured. 174-175). Do you read magazines?2. These effects will not be identified to thesubjects through the phrasing of the questions. 6. LITERATURE REVIEW Sexual innuendo is widely used in magazine advertising (Hatfield,1992, pp. 48-56) found that the use of sexual innuendo in magazine advertising waseffective in relation to all population segments. The effects ofsexual embedding on responses to magazine advertisements. Ridley. Journal ofAdvertising, 14(2), 48-56. T. Less wink and nudge. Belch, & Michael A. 12. INTRODUCTION This research describes a proposal to identify the effects of sexualinnuendoes in advertising in magazines on pre-teens, teenagers, and youngadults, and to compare the effects on pre-teens and teenagers with theeffects on young adults. 14-22). New Statesman &Society, 6, 33-34. 26-31), however,

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