The Effect Of Faults On Oil Migration Essay

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The Effect of Faults on Oil Migration
Wentao Zhang
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Faults play important roles in oil migration and accumulation. Faults can not only promote oil migration, but also trap and accumulate oil. This paper explores some methods to find out a fault and confirm it is opened or closed. Zhang, C., Xie, X.N., Jiang, T., Liu, X.F. (2005) fou-nd out the properties of faults in the BZ25-1 oilfield of Bohai basin by using some geophysics and geochemistry reflect of formation waters and oils. This paper explains some causes of di-fferent properties of faults. Different kinds of faults, like the Vicksburg growth fault of South Texas and faults in the BZ25-1 oilfield, lead to different results of oil migration, accumula-tion and distribution.
Keywords: fault; oil migration; opened fault; closed fault
There are more than one trillion barrels of crude oil in the whole world. And there are also different kinds of faults under the ground. Fault is a crack in the crust of earth resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other. Oil migration means that oil spo-ntaneously move from high pressure area to low pressure area, oils always move upward. Oil accumulation means that oil always accumulate in their relatively smallest potential energy area. Fault plays very important role in the oil migration and accumulation. Faults can be di-vided to opened faults and closed faults which are relative concepts. Opened

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