The Effect Of Global Warming On The Environment

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The temperature was taken at each of the sites to determine the heat of the water. The temperature of the water affects the dissolved oxygen as well as the rate of photosynthesis and the metabolic rates of water life. (Hovey, n.d) Warmer water can hold less dissolved oxygen and plants grow and die more quickly. Therefore it can be deduced that cooler water allows for a more comfortable environment for animals and vegetation.
Ms. Hovey conducted a study on the Severn Estuary in the UK and noticed that the temperature of the water has increased. Increasing temperature of the water can result from Global Warming. As Global Warming alters temperature and weather patterns, it could have an impact on plant and animal life. Both the number and
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Results were recorded in these areas. The pH- values in the mouth, lagoon and middle reaches of the estuary were similar ranging between 6.0 and 8.8. Low pH-values were occasionally recorded in the head reach, resulting from the inflow of acidic waters from the Knysna River. Russell found that there was a decrease in the number of biodiversity living near the head reaches of the lagoon. (I.A. Russell, 1996)
Biodiversity is affected by changes in pH and start to die out when the pH level has changed as the animals and plants find it hard to adapt. In the Siyaya river, if the pH level had to change because of the river becoming open to the sea, the animals and plants will be affected and decrease in number.
Atmospheric pollution among other air pollutants can cause rain water to become acidic. The rain water collects in rivers and the water will become acidic therefore endangering humans who use the water as well as killing or weakening the biodiversity in the river as well as the surrounding areas of the river.
Dr Kjerfe has stated that there will be an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels which will increase the probability of rain water becoming acidic therefore affecting the biodiversity of the area surrounding the tributaries/ rivers. The acidic rain would impact especially the Siyaya River and the Amanzimnyama River as they are placed in heavily vegetated areas. The acidic rain
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