The Effect Of Globalization On Communities

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The Effects of Globalization on Communities

Cultures and societies evolve along with their growing abilities and changing environment, and each generation throughout history has had unique circumstances to learn from and deal with. The industrial revolution set the world on a much speedier path towards change which has been apparent in the last hundred years with growing cities and the rapid spread of technology. As the world establishes itself in the information age we find the connection between distant cultures becoming tighter and more intertwined. The effect of technology moving goods and information at increasing speeds is known as globalization.
Globalization has already had profound effects throughout the continents and there
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In this way, the irreversible trend of globalization can harm individuals as well as the social order of a region while escaping the grasp of those who could benefit the most. The globalization of local economies has real world effect on the lives of individuals and groups which should certainly be studied in order to reverse the known negative impacts. It would take both legislation and social work to allow those less fortunate to enjoy some benefits of our modern global society.
An example of corporations benefitting from global import within larger industrialized nations can be seen across the United States with Wal-Mart’s long-growing takeover. For decades now, Wal-Mart has used its advantage of large-scale importing to stock its shelves with low priced home essentials. From the 80s to today, this successful company has crept over the American landscape, placing a location in every small town from the east to the west coasts. Wal-Mart offers a wide variety of merchandise under one roof, and has recently begun to incorporate a grocery into their buildings. Their merchandise purchases are large scale, normally overseas orders, the size of which allow a lower price that proves difficult competition for small businesses making smaller and more local purchases.
The availability of inexpensive merchandise gathered during a single trip would seem to benefit a consumer on a budget, but this short term savings makes ripples
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