The Effect Of Harry S. Truman On The Korean War

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Even though Douglas MacArthur had a well thought out plan to end the Korean War, Harry S. Truman’s was far superior.Throughout the Korean war, there were two sides to finding a solution. First, General Douglas MacArthur believed the best way to defeat communism in Asia would be to wage full on war. Not only did he want to attack Korea, but move on to China. However, Truman strongly disagreed with this argument. In a document, President Truman states, “We do not want see the conflict in Korea extended. We are trying to prevent a world war--not to start one”(Truman 1). Clearly, Truman knew what disastrous consequences could come of a third world war. His plan was tp limit the war in Korea. Truman went so far as to criticize MacArthur's plan.
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