The Effect Of Heart Rate On Exercise

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The Effect of Heart Rate on Exercise

By: Danielle Dufault

Biology 122

October 10, 2016

Lab Partners:

Carlie Tammaro,

Emily Guay,

James Dawli


The effects of heart rate on differing durations of exercise were studied in this experiment. For people, heart rate tends to increase as they perform physical exercises. The amount of beats per minute gradually increases as people perform physical activities. Heart rates taken before exercise are relatively low, and heart rates taken one minute after exercise increase significantly. Heart rates slowly begin to decrease after they are taken two minutes and three minutes after performing the step test, which is to be expected. The rates of intensity throughout exercise relates with changes in heart rate throughout the step test performed in the experiment (Karvonen 2012). The age of the participants affected the experiment, since the heart rate during physical exercise, in this case the step test, is affected by age (Tulppo 1998).

The heart rates of participants was tested before the step test, one minute, two minutes, and three minutes after the step test was performed in this experiment. Since heart rate increases while someone is performing physical activity, it was expected that heart rates of the students would be higher than before the step
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