The Effect Of High-Intensity Interval Training Protocol On Abdominal Fat Reduction In Overweight Chinese Women?

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Zhang, Tong, Qiu, Wang, Nie, & He, conducted a study called Effect of high-intensity interval training protocol on abdominal fat reduction in overweight Chinese women: a randomized controlled trial. These researchers were concerned regarding the rising obesity rate around the world and all of the health concerns surrounding it; especially about visceral and subcutaneous fat. So in this study, they wanted to monitor the effect of high-intensity interval training, and moderate intensity continuous training has on visceral and subcutaneous fat. There were forty-three participants, overweight women who have similar anthropometric qualities, no known health issues, have had no physical training and were not taking any medications. Before and…show more content…
Study Two The researchers from the University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran have noticed a trend in world where humans have dominated the world and the technical revolution has kept people too busy to get the proper nutrition and exercise; and, as such more and more studies are being done to educate people on how to get and stay healthy. One of the fasted growing fitness trends is high intensity interval training (HIIT). This team of researchers did this study to compare two different styles of HIIT on body composition. They called their study; The Comparison of the Effects of Two Types of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) on Body Mass and Physiological Indexes in Inactive Female Students. Numerous studies have been done that have demonstrated that HIIT has many health benefits. Knowing of these study results, this team of researchers decided to test two different styles of HIIT on body mass index (BMI), VO₂max, fat percentage, and wais to hip ratio. There were twenty-seven inactive female students participating in this study. The women were separated into three groups, HIIT type 1, HIIT type 2, and the control group. HIIT type 1 protocol was eight seconds of sprinting and twelve seconds of active recovery for six to nine minutes, walking. HIIT type 2 protocol was a forty meter shuttle run, both done at ninety percent of max heart rate for four weeks. The findings exhibit that after four weeks of HIIT intervention,

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