The Effect Of High Temperatures On Broiler Production

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Introduction The likely effects of high temperatures on broiler production, and practical means to control the shed environment Controlling and understanding environmental conditions is a critical part to successful broiler production and welfare. Poultry are homoeothermic, which means the birds have a constant body temperature, which is independent of the surrounding temperature (Ahmad, & Sarwar, 2006). It has been investigated that there are detrimental effects when the temperature fluctuates which leads to heat stress, which then negatively affects the productivity of broiler production (Lara, & Rostagno, 2013). An increased environmental temperature causes hypothermia (Ahmad, & Sarwar, 2006). High temperatures can lead to health…show more content…
Recommended temperatures for broilers (Hulzebosch, 2006) First day 32-34°C 1st week decrease 30°C 2nd week decrease 26°C 3rd week decrease 22°C 4th week decrease 20°C Health issues High temperatures throughout broiler production can lead to severe health issues. Dehydration is one of many issues that can affect production. Dehydration is caused by an increase in temperature (Butcher, & Miles, 1990). Growth rates and weight are also affected when temperatures increase. As the temperature increase, feed consumption must decrease, which is a part of the bird’s physiological adaptation to heat stress. As feed consumption is decreased, the daily intake of needed nutrients for growth, decrease, resulting in a decrease of growth and weight (Butcher, & Miles, 1990). Over time research has shown that survival rates of broilers decrease as feed intake increases during high temperatures, causing mortality rates to rise (Butcher, & Miles, 1990). Heat stress can similarly affect the immune system by affecting the central nervous system (CNS). Studies have also shown that reduced lymphoid organ weights and lower antibodies have been discovered in broilers under high temperatures (Lara, & Rostagno, 2013). High temperatures have a high effect on the health and welfare of broilers over time. Heat regulation Physical and chemical heat regulation Physical and chemical heat regulation is a major factor on broiler productions. When

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