The Effect Of Illegal Drugs

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There is not one part of the United States of America that remains untouched from the effects of illegal drugs. The drug abuse issue has jumped from illegal substances to legal ones with the addiction of prescription medication as well. Pennsylvania is one state in the union that is suffering the effects of addiction to these substances, but no substance like heroin. Western Pennsylvania’s youth has a bleak future due to the rising use of heroin and other illegal substances. Pennsylvania relied on three goods early on, and those were bituminous coal, coke and steel. Due to a coal seam that was located in western Pennsylvania coal mining companies flocked there. Coke is a fuel that is made from coal, and it was highly sought after by the steel and iron industries. In addition, this was all prior to 1910, in which society was highly dependent on coal, due to steam locomotives and house heating for the harsh northern winters. Coal companies that moved into the area, built up that area by building housing for their workforces. What is known in western Pennsylvania as a coal patch is really homes that were built very close together, all identical, and are still lived in to this day. These were known as company towns as laborers were often not paid in legal U.S. currency but rather with company money that could only be used at the company’s general store that was located in the small coal patch. It is important to understand the foundation in which western Pennsylvania
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