The Effect Of Imperialism And Nationalism

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The effects of imperialism and nationalism brought the world into an unenviable position during the early 1900 's. Colonies began to revolt against their rulers and left civilian unrest behind. The people began to question and change different structures of governments. Wars began to brew amongst nations and revolutions sparked. These events, however, remain far from inconsequential to modern day societies. Certain aspects, specifically, Gandhi 's non-violent resistance, Karl Marx 's The Communist Manifesto, and Pablo Picasso 's Guernica, continue to hold significance in modern day politics and communities. In India, during the 20th century, Gandhi 's successfully fought for his colony 's independence. The English colonized the country,…show more content…
Furthermore, other groups have decidedly declared their opposition to this recent presidential election in the forms of the International Women 's March and the boycott against Uber. Regardless of the time period, Gandhi 's methods help ensure that the common man has a voice in society. Moreover, Karl Marx expands on similar ideas that concern the common man in his comprehensive pamphlet, The Communist Manifesto. In this document, he articulates the two main economic classes consist of: the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. He claims that the bourgeoisie dominate the ruling class, while the proletariats are exploited physically and emotionally. Another major concept Marx introduces is economic determinism, the theory that the specific economic system that a country has instated affects the values that exist in it. However, he claims that the bourgeoisie, who are in the optimal place in society, will refuse to abandon their economic standings unless there is a violent revolt from the proletariats. Afterwards, a society with no economic classes would be created where the government would manage everything, termed as "communism". Overall, Marx believed that capitalism presented an unnecessary amount of difficulties and that communism was the solution to them. These concepts that Marx promotes, increase in prevalence amongst the various, current government systems. In regards to capitalism, Marx gives the warning of merely having
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