The Effect Of Imperialism In The Tattooed Soldier

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As a result of imperialism of the United States these conflicted nations of Guatemala and Central America show what happens as a result of predatory interest. The Tattooed Soldier is a great example on the effect of destructive Imperialism does to the citizens of Middle America and Southern America. The similarities are clear with real situation during that time for the Latino community with very present discrimination, pride, and sentiment when seeking refuge inside of the United States. For Antonio and all of the hardships he had faced mirrored what normal Latino people had to go through when their struggle had started from the very moment that imperialism was involved. The rise of the Cold War hysteria gave arise to many anglo-American ideas about “evil” to be warped into hatred to those with ties to communism. The consequences were the entirety of Middle America and Southern America to go through these conflict bearing all the destruction that was brought to them. It was the manipulation of people that was consistent throughout the book and real U.S. imperialism. The commonality was throughout the latino community with many having the same background of asylum or economic poverty. Facing against the odds many of these chicanos and latinos would go to the U.S. to face hardships, but survive to carry on their legacies.
The real situations that many Central Americans faced were either from backlash of communism resulting in U.S involvement or just straight up domination

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