The Effect Of Information Technology On The Creativity Of 12 Year Old Children

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After reading the article, it is clear that this study was a correlational study between the use of information technologies and creativity in 12 year olds of varying gender and race. The hypotheses that the researcher looked to investigate in this study is that the information technologies in question have some effect on the creativity of 12 year old children. Due to their desire to check for as many confounding variables as possible, there are several variables that define both the participants as well as the technologies themselves. The participants are categorized by Race (Caucasian and African American), Household income (ranging from under $20,000 to over $200,000), and gender. They are also further categorized by their uses of the four chosen information technologies (Video Games, Cell Phones, Computers, and Internet) and the genre of their favorite video game. The genre of the video game was placed into one of six categories being Violent, Action-adventure, Racing/driving, Sports, Interpersonal, or Other.
The researchers then create four measures of study to compare to the previously mentioned classification. The four measures are four different questions based off of two scenarios given to the children. The first question is based off how creatively they write a story based of a curved shape. The other three questions were based off an image that the children had to create questions for, the possible causes for the situation in the image, and the possible results…
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