The Effect Of Ink Color ( Cool, Warm And Black ) On The Memory Of Students

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What is the effect of ink color (cool, warm and black) on the memory of students? Humans, especially students, are always look for new ways to improve their memory. Memorization is an important strategy used by students in schools all around the world. When people with Alzheimer 's start to lose their memory they often go to extreme measures to preserve it. If there is a way that something as simple as color can make important information more retainable then we should use it to our advantage. If the effect of taking notes in pencil, warm colored ink, and cool colored ink is tested then, it is predicted that warm color will increase memory and number of correct answers from the worksheet in the most students. To test the hypothesis 5 students will complete a worksheet that they will complete using their assigned ink color. Following that they will complete a test based off of the worksheet and when they finish the results will be evaluated and compare it to the previous data. To determine raw data the total the number of questions answered correctly from each color group will be divided using the formula x/y, y being the number of total number of questions and x being the number answered correctly. The data collected during experimentation supported the hypothesis. The average number of questions answered correctly when the effect of color on memory was tested for the following groups was pencil with one, black with one, cool with one and warm with one.

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