The Effect Of Insulin Humalog On Lowering Blood Glucose Level Essay

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Audience and Purpose of Description The audience for this description is the population of Type I Diabetes, Type II diabetes, their caregivers, they health care providers, as well as general public interested in this process. The purpose of this technical document is to inform the audience, step by step how Insulin Humalog works in lowering blood glucose level. Introduction to Process Every human body wants to maintain blood glucose (blood sugar) level in normal range (70-100mg/dl). After we eat, the stomach digest food breaking it down into type of sugar, called glucose. Furthermore, this glucose is released into the bloodstream (Figure 1). The rise of glucose level triggers the pancreas, one of the body’s organ, to release insulin, a hormone, it blood stream. Figure1/Info from: - imgrc=MSl7q69T6fkNKM%3A Insulin travels through the blood and acts as a key to open up body’s cells and let glucose in. Once inside, the cells convert glucose into energy or store it for later use (Figure 2). Figure 2/Info from: In some cases, body does not produce insulin, like in Type I Diabetes, or does not produce
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