The Effect Of Internal Factors On Financial Performance Of The Banks

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The global economy has a significant importance of banking sector. The banks are the major player that runs the money market and enhances the investment opportunities to help the economy grow in developing and developed countries. As an intermediary the banks takes the money from their consumers and then invest it in different investment opportunities to earn from it and payback the consumer profit over it. In the developing countries not only local banks operates but also the multinational banks run their operations to capture the market. Multinational banks are more attractive for few consumers in terms of service quality, rate of returns, global goodwill and strong financial background. Our research is based on Pakistani banking market and the major focus of the study is on Multinational banks working in Pakistan (e.g, Standard Chartered bank and Barclays bank). There are several studies have done to investigate the impact of internal factors over financial performance of the banks in different regions like South Asia, GCC countries, European countries but we focus majorly over the Multinational banks and will investigate the patterns of financial factors and banks profitability. Performance analyses of the banking sector have been the topic of different international research studies that focuses the macro economic factors and the affects they have over banks performance. The internal factors also used in different studies for the investigation of their
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