The Effect Of Latest Laws On Texting And Driving

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Recent laws outlawing texting while driving have become ambiguous, under-inclusive and enforce light punishments that cannot be deterred. These laws also empower the police to carry out warrantless search for the cell phone of the driver. Texting while driving is highly dangerous and people doing so must be punished strictly, license suspensions, interlock devices preventing the usage of cell phones while driving and possible jail time (Arrigo, 2014). This particular paper is an attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of latest laws implemented against texting and driving.
Texting and Driving
There has been a rising concern in the last few years about the potential dangers accompanying texting while driving associated largely with the increasing number of highway fatalities. Significant efforts have been made by The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) for curtailing distracted driving including texting while driving along with public service information and announcements. As per NHTSA, driving distractions are of three different forms like manual, visual and cognitive. Manual driving distractions take off the driver’s hands off from the steering wheel (Kirszner & Mandell, 2010).
Visual driving distractions take off the driver’s eyes off from the road and cognitive driving distractions take off the mind of the driver from driving. It has been stated by NHTSA that since text messaging needs visual, cognitive and manual attention on part…
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