The Effect Of Leadership On Performance Essay

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Introduction Various research efforts have aimed to examine the effects of leadership on performance. In recent times, however, the emerging focus on leadership has particularly been on leadership styles. Beginning from business organizations, the influence of leadership styles has been studied even in educational settings. Among the leadership styles that have received significant coverage is the transformational leadership style. It is of significance for one to have the ability to analyze the research methodologies that the researchers have employed in past studies and to be able to identify the best practices that research ought to employ. Critically, research methods form the foundation of a researcher’s work and knowledge and usage of the methods are crucial to research. This paper seeks to describe the research methodologies of five journal articles related to educational leadership after which it will review one of the five journals by providing research aspects that can be conducted differently. Choosing the most appropriate methodology to use in a research is critical to the research’s success and requires one to develop a sound understanding of the alternatives approaches. Part 1 Kahai, S., Jestire, R., & Huang, R. (203). Effects of transformational and transactional leadership on cognitive effort and outcomes during collaborative learning within a virtual world. British Journal of Educational Technology, 44(6), 969–985. Research problem, questions, or hypotheses
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