The Effect Of Light On The Rate Of Oxygen Gas Over Time

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Title: The effect of light on the rate of oxygen gas over time Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to determine how light affected the amount of oxygen gas produced over time. The amount of oxygen gas consumed during cellular respiration and produced during photosynthesis was measured. The experiment also determined the rate of respiration and photosynthesis of a plant. Hypothesis: If the spinach leaves are given light, then its level of oxygen gas will increase over a period of time. If the spinach leaves are not given light, then the amount of oxygen gas will decrease over a period of time and have a lower amount of oxygen gas produced than when the spinach leaves were given light. Data table: The Effect of Light on the Rate of Oxygen Gas Over Time Leaves Rate of O2 gas production/consumption (ppt/min) Dark -0.00015386 Light 0.0032401 Analysis: The trial were the light was provided to the plant had a rate value that was a positive number. The amount of oxygen gas increased when the light was provided. Oxygen is a waste product of photosynthesis. With an increase of oxygen gas amounts, it is concluded more photosynthesis took place. The rate value of the spinach leaves that were not given light was negative. The negative change in the amount of oxygen can be explained by the fact that, in cellular respiration, one of the reactants is oxygen. Evidence that cellular respiration occurred in the leaves was provided. When the spinach was not given light, the amount of
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