The Effect Of Media Coverage On The Thinking And Behavior Of Consumers

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This paper explores published articles that report on results from research conducted on various methods of persuasion. The articles, however, vary in their definitions and utilization of the methods of persuasion and their relationship with consumers. Based on psychological principles that direct human behavior, Robert Cialdini’s (2007), 6 principals of persuasion suggests that face to face interactions are most effective in emphasizing knowledge and authority. This paper examines Berger and Berger’s (2012) scientific research evidence to substantiate the major role of technology and mass media in the persuasion of consumers. The use of persuasion to control people for the sole benefit of the persuader is examined in Ridout and Franz’s (2011) research of persuasive ads and who is affected by ad exposure. This book also presents evidence to support this research. Shen and Dillard’s (2013) research suggests mass media contributes great influence on the thinking and behavior of consumers’ and is scientifically proven to be the universal source of information. This paper will examine the impact of media coverage of elections and how it persuades the electorates ' behavior, it will explore the effects of mass media on political power and show how media simultaneously disrupts and defends the status quo, including the advantages and disadvantages during election campaigns. Shrum’s (2012) research suggests that marketers integrate products in the media by injecting
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