The Effect Of Media On Young Girls And Their Self Esteem

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Megan Jones Qualitative Research Project The influence media has on young girls and their self-esteem The media and advertisements are meant to influence our everyday lives in society. Young girls are being exposed today more than ever to the over sexualized images of women within the media, advertisements and in pop culture. Young girls are seeing these types of images everyday either in magazines, television shows, movies or fashion. The research questions I propose to explore: “Are the images that young girls are exposed to within the media influencing their body image and self-esteem?” I would also like to study: “Could the ways women are exemplified in the media lead young girls to have a poor self body image? Finally, “Can the influences of the media and advertisements lead young girls to depression or develop eating disorders?” The research questions can be examined through qualitative research. Focus groups and conducting in-depth interviews are the best qualitative methods to use when doing research that deals with people’s personal experiences and emotions. In order to understand how the media could influence young girls attitudes towards body image, you have to see the world as they do. By doing in-depth interviews lets the researcher personally explore the issues through young girl’s perspective. By interviewing the young girls individually, with open-ended questions allow you to hear their personal stories on how the images they see in the media influence
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