The Effect Of Motivation On Employee Performance Essay

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The Art of Motivation Tushayla R. Brown Business 520 November 14, 2016 Using Motivation to Improve Employee Performance Outline I. IDENTIFY THINGS THAT MOTIVATE EMPLOYEES A. Draft clear goals and expectations B. Provide an accurate and timely feedback C. Provide opportunities for growth D. Make employees part of a team and include them in decision-making II. IDENTIFY BARRIERS TO EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION A. Provide the right wages to employees with different levels of expertise and experience B. Take consideration of employee opinions and ideas C. Determine clearly who needs promotion and why it is important D. Provide adequate knowledge to motivate employees III. DEVELOP A PROGRAM FOR EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION A. Explain things employees need to do to meet expectations and how the organization will support them in their endeavors B. Monitor the progress of employees frequently and review their plans C. Provide encouragement and recognition when the work of the employee improves IV. ADD MOTIVATION TO THE TRAINING OF EMPLOYEES A. Encourage participation by describing to employees one or two things they know about the topic B. Keep attention of employees focused C. Make training activities more practical in nature The Identification of Things That Motivate Employees The motivation of employees is important for the long-term success of any organization. Strong motivators for employees include effective communication, challenging and exciting work, provision of
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