The Effect Of Music On The Brain And Its Functions

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Abstract This literature review will discuss the different ways in which music can affect the brain and its functions. Firstly, the effects that music can have in a school environment will be discussed and how they can affect the school environment. A correlation between musical knowledge and different aspects of learning will be made, while also discussing the importance of the concrete operational mental phase that the brain goes through. Following that, the connection between reading music and reading books in school will be shown, while also giving an example of how music helps your brain learn a secondary language and mathematical ability. After that, there will be an example of a study that was conducted that disproved that music provides any sort of academic advantages, and instead offers more benefits to building self-esteem. The effectiveness of background music will be discussed following that section, and examples of studies will be given in which background music had helped reduce bullying in a school, and how incorrectly played background music would impair the musicians’ ability to take certain tests effectively. Music therapy will be discussed after that. The description of what it is, how effective it is and how it can affect the clients who wish to participate in musical therapy.
Effects of Music in School Music can have multiple positive effects on the brain. One such example is what is known as the Mozart Effect. The Mozart Effect is the change in brain

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