The Effect Of Noble 's Technique And Ta Training On Reducing

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Proposal: Effect of Two Different Exercises on Reducing IRD in DRA

Research Question: What is the effect of Noble’s Technique and TA training on reducing
Background and Significance By the third trimester, 2 in 3 pregnant women develop diastasis rectus abdomen (DRA). Although the DRA onset is painless, it is associated with other complications including low back pain, pelvic dysfunction and altered abdominal strength. Despite the high prevalence of DRA, there is little research on conservative therapy treatments. Purpose This study aims to determine the effectiveness of two exercises, TA training and Noble’s Technique, on reducing inter-recti distance (IRD) in post partum women and to secondarily look at changes in pain. Methods
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Although the development of DRA is often painless,4 DRA is associated with other complications. DRA causes disruption in the abdominal wall, which may affect core stability, posture, trunk motions and low back pain.1,5 Because of the painless nature of a DRA,4 women’s health PTs found most of their patients with DRA were referred with other diagnoses, the most being low back pain followed by floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, and urinary incontinence.2
One study found that women with DRA have higher chance of increased pelvic and abdominal pain compared to women without DRA.6 Another study looking at urogynecological patients found prevalence of DRA in 52% of those patients.7 Although this has not been determined to be a causal relationship, an association has been demonstrated between the presence of DRA and increased number of pelvic floor dysfunctions (including myofascial pelvic pain, incontinence and prolapse) compared to patients without DRA.7 In addition to having pain, subjects with IRD over 3.5 cm were less successful at performing pelvic tilt and trunk curls than subjects without DRA.8 DRA presence alters the line of force of the RA and this change in biomechanics results in reduced torque production
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