The Effect Of Non Acceptance Towards Gay Individuals Hurts Everyone

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Homosexuality has been a feature of human culture since early history. In the course of the twentieth century, society began to discuss the matter of homosexuality after the modern gay rights movement began in 1969. People once thought of gay rights as “something that can be cured” or a “mental illness”, but now in modern day, people are looking more into biology, psychology, history, and cultural variations of sexual practice and identity. Not only is gay rights a sensitive topic for Americans today, but especially for the homosexuals who are discriminated now.(Wolraich 11) Some people have no problem with mentally, emotionally, and physically hurting a person because of their taste in the same sex. One of America’s deepest traditions…show more content…
We, as human beings, should be involved in the idea of supporting rights and equality for LGBT individuals because they are one of us no matter what they believe. We should change the way society thinks because society is an opinion, not a fact. The Declaration of Independence and The Pledge of Allegiance gives “liberty and justice for all”. We can help by being involved in LGBT parades and/or being kind to a hemosexual person. Participating in these events does not mean that you are lesbian, gay, bi, or a transgender. It shows that you stand for equality and equal rights and supporting everybody being their own person. (Friedman 12) A reputable organization you could support to help LGBT people would be Human Rights Campaign. They are working for the equality of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders. They have such an encouraging website that welcomes you with a state that has passed the bill for marriage equality.() They have had many victories such as protesting the defeat of the Federal Marriage Amendment, which has been defeated. They have also participated in the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal, the increase in the same sex marriage and equality in many states, and protecting the young LGBT kids from bullying and discrimination. This organization is the largest civil rights organization that is working towards the equality for LGBT people. Not only do they have a positive attitude, but will
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