The Effect Of Nurse Staffing On Quality Of Care And Nursing Burnout

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The Effect of Nurse Staffing Related to Quality of Care and Nursing Burnout Lionell H. Edwards Chamberlain College of Nursing NR451 RN Capstone Course Spring 2016 The Effect of Nurse Staffing Related to Quality of Care and Nursing Burnout For every cause there is an effect, unfortunately the nurse ratio to patients in many facilities have felt the effect causing an increase in hospital stay for patients and burnout to nursing staff. "Fifty percent of the hospitals had patient-to-nurse ratios that were 5:1 or lower, and those hospitals discharged 65.9% of the patients in the study and employed 64.4% of the nurses we surveyed. Hospitals with more than 230 beds accounted for a disproportionate share of both patients and nurses" (45.5% and 43.3% respectively.) (Aikens, Clarke, Sloane, Sochalski, Silber, 2002). By reducing nursing staff, quality of care may be effected regarding safety to the patient and staff. Nurses face the demand to care for more patients in a short period of time therefore rushing to get many tasks done such as passing medications, wound care, documentation, and other unexpected events, put the patient and nurse at risks regarding safety that can generate lack of care to patients and stress and burnout in nurses. The nursing focused plan presented is to implement a plan of study to support the need of increase nurse staff related to patients based on a model using evidence-based practice to support the plan. Change Model Overview The John Hopkins
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