The Effect Of Obesity On Chinese Men On The Age Of 40

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Similarly, Wang et al. (2012) investigated BPA exposure to see if it is associated with obesity in Chinese men over the age of 40. To measure obesity, the concentration of BPA found in urine samples was measured on a morning that was designated by Wang et al. (2012). Individuals were put into different groups based on concentration (ng/ml) of BPA in their urine as followed: first quartile 0.47, the second quartile 0.48-0.81, the third quartile 0.81-1.43, and the fourth quartile  1.43. Wang et al. (2012) then measured the circumference of each participant’s waist. The results were significant when compared to the men in the first quartile (P=0.028) (Figure 7.). Men with higher concentrations of BPA in their urine samples also had…show more content…
BPA causes disorder in the whole system. The absence of testosterone levels in males may cause many health issues. Some of these issues are a low sex drive, the inability to produce sperm, and poor weight distribution (D’Cruz et al 2012).
Just as in the experiments ran by Alonso-Magdalena, Wang, and Tiango, the experiments ran by D’Cruz et al. (2012) also showed that extremely low doses (0.005µg/kg/day) can have an effect on insulin signaling in the testis. Men who are occupationally exposed to bisphenol A have a ∼4- to 7-fold increased chance of exhibiting sexual dysfunction (depending on the measure of dysfunction used), compared with men working in jobs that do not involve bisphenol A exposure (Sharpe 2009).

Having high levels of insulin and glucose in the blood stream is very unhealthy. It causes many health issues, the most prominent one being weight gain. Since BPA is an endocrine disruptor for insulin, the glucose that is not being used for energy must go somewhere. This excess glucose gets stored as fat, which is why there is such an increase in weight gain in the organisms that were exposed to BPA. Many of the articles referenced above mention type 2 diabetes is very common due to exposure to BPA. Pre-natal exposure to BPA can be seen as a variable that gives way to most of the health effects. The problem presented is that these health effects (insulin/glucose tolerance, weight gain, and sexual function) are ongoing. They do not show up

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