The Effect Of Obesity On The New Zealand

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The Factors that Lead to Obesity in New Zealand
There is a large variety of environmental factors that have led to the increase in Obesity in New Zealand. This essay will explore the factors that have caused the increase in and how they interlink with each other. There has been a clear trend of this world wide however New Zealand is currently among the highest for the percentage of there population being rated 3rd behind the United States of America and Mexico with 28.4% of our population being considered Over weight for Adults. 35% of New Zealanders are considered obese placing 3rd behind Greece and Italy for. This has increase from 18.8% in 1997 which has been seen as the 4th highest Behind United States of America, Mexico and Australia. In individuals under 15 (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD], 2013). Interlinking environmental factors have led to this epidemic is a serious problem that is in need of fixing.
Obesity is a problem in society due the health problems it leads to. Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes are a few life threating diseases that are far more common in obese people compared to non-obese. Atherosclerosis is a Heart disease where plaque builds up on the lining of arteries, which is that most common reason for vascular disease which is 10 times more common in obese people. Forms of cancer. For likely hood of women Breast, colon, gallbladder and uterus cancer increases. For Men the likely hood of colon and prostate cancer
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