The Effect Of Ocean Pollution On Coral Reefs

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Bright seas coat the sandy beaches. Vivid colors are spread throughout the reefs. Fish swimming in each direction as you’re trying to capture the perfect picture. Now, imagine that all washed away. All signs of any marine life, habitats, and source of food all vanished. The public does not quite understand the importance of the environment under the water. Our ecosystem revolves around our well-being and what we contribute to maintain its healthy status. If not properly treated, losses of habitats and species are a very huge concern.
Coral Reefs are not just targeted or damaged by just pollution. There are many different causes all leading up to the same main point, in which is the coral reefs are being put under pressure from these causes. The reefs are being physically damaged from multiple fishing methods, occurring mostly in coastal developing countries. For developed countries near the coral reefs, their source of food come from fish who spend a majority of their time in the coral reefs. Because of these actions made by humans, the reefs are being destroyed little by little, until one day they vanish. The first technique adapted that has been impacting these reefs negatively is bottom trawling. Bottom Trawling uses a cone shaped netting style
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Ocean Pollution in the coral reef includes many factors, one being factory runoff. Factories often dump a variety of chemicals and toxins into the water. The water runoff enters once it has been irrigated and been through soil several times. The chemicals disposed of into the water is a major cause behind the decreasing amount of marine species. The toxins in the wastes are very deadly to any of the organisms in the ocean waters, killing a numerous amount of the creatures. The nutrients dumped into the oceans are very harmful to the survival and shelters of the
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