The Effect Of Oil Recovery On The Economy

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2.1 Enhanced Oil Recovery Oil recovery is traditionally subdivided into three stages: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. However, reservoir production operations are not always conducted in the specified order, for example, the tertiary process may be applied at secondary stage instead of water flooding. The term “tertiary recovery” is not widely used in petroleum engineering literature and the term of “enhanced oil recovery” (EOR) became more accepted in today’s industry. Another description occasionally normally used is “improve oil recovery” (IOR), which includes EOR but also includes a broader range of activities, such as reservoir characterisation, improved reservoir management, and infill drilling. 2.1.1 Primary Recovery Primary…show more content…
It is therefore vital to have a good understanding of these principles prior to moving forward with this project. (Reference) This can be expressed as the ratio of mobility of displacing fluid to that of displaced fluid. In a water flooding system, if M>1, the displacing fluid moves faster than the displaced liquid that is, oil. This is not desirable due to the displacing fluid overflowing displaced fluid. For M much larger than 1, the displacing fluid will channel past the oil front. M should be less than or equal to 1 for maximum displacement efficiency. Viscous/ polymer fluid is used in ASP project to achieve M being less than unity. (Ref-bib) This is possible by: • Improving relative permeability (water and oil) • Increasing the viscosity of displacing fluid, Water • Decreasing the viscosity of displaced fluid, oil 2.3 Classification of EOR methods Enhanced oil Recovery methods can be broken into two groups; Thermal and non-thermal. The main focus of this project lies under non-thermal and in Chemical Floods. The most common global form of EOR is non-thermal. 2.4 Chemical Flooding Chemicals can be injected into reservoirs to improve oil recovery and efficiency. Surfactants like alkaline have a tendency to alter the interfacial tension properties when injected which improves oil production. The main challenge introduced while flooding with chemicals is the adsorption and

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