The Effect Of Orange Juice On The Germination Of Mung Bean Seeds

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Research Title
The title of this research is “Determining the effect of orange juice on the germination of mung bean seeds.” This research aimed to find out how would mung bean seeds will germinate if watered by orange juice.
This research aimed to establish the role orange juice plays in the germination process of mung seeds in terms of germination rate and the length of roots over time.
Minute-made orange juice has a pH of 2.80. The acidity will have a negative effect on the germination of the seeds. Sour conditions decrease the germination rate of seeds. “The length of roots in a germinating seed is reduced by the acidic conditions, which, in its turn, affects the rate of germination of seeds (Lee 435)”.
The seed membrane is permeable to water, which is necessary for a seed to germinate. Hydrolysis of polysaccharides in seeds to simple sugars for the germination process is crucial. The permeable seed membrane allows water to enter the seed. For that, “Acidic conditions affect the permeability of seed membrane, thereby, reducing the chances of germination process (Lee 435)”.
“It has been acknowledged that legume type of plants are more sensitive to acidic conditions (Ahmad 5)”. Mung seeds are from legume type of plants, and that explains why their germination is significantly affected by orange juice acidity.
A number of factors can affect seeds germination. Warmth, catalysts, and inhibitors can affect germination. Low and high temperatures cannot

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