The Effect Of Osmosis Across A Semi Permeable Cell Membrane As Modeled With Dialysis Bags

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The effects of osmosis across a semi permeable cell membrane as modeled with dialysis bags

By: Thiago Lusvarghi
Student Number: 0311147
Partners Names: Carissa Laurin, Mutanga Alpho Kabiseba, Christa Myers
Course Code: BIOL 1506E
Lab Session: Tuesday 1:00 – 4:00pm
Date of Submission: Tuesday October 21st 2014 Abstract Osmosis is the process in which water diffuses across a semi permeable membrane, and is the reason for cellular stability in a system, generally a cell. The diffusion of water into and out of a cell is due to two main aspects; the concentration of the dissolved substances in the cell, and the concentration of the dissolved substances outside of the cell. This is due to the fact that osmosis is first and foremost a form of diffusion meaning that it moves along a concentration gradient. In osmosis water will travel in and out of a cell due to the cell 's tonicity towards the solution it has been placed in. The cell can either be placed in a hypertonic solution where water will rush out of the cell, a hypotonic solution where water will rush into the cell, or an isotonic solution, where there will be no net movement of water in or out of the cell. In this lab the rate of osmosis will be examined by looking at the movement of water in five different model cells, in order to determine the importance of osmosis to our bodies.

Introduction Diffusion in a cell is the process by which substances travel from areas of higher concentration to areas of…
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