The Effect Of Pars Food On Human Resources And What Impact It Has On The Company

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1.0 Introduction This is a two part report that will firstly discuss how the slogan of Pars can be effective in human resources and what impact it has on the company. The second portion of the report will be showing how a variation of different finances can attribute to the short term goals of Pars Food ltd. Pars Food ltd. Is a frozen foods business and is one of the market leaders in the UK. It mainly deals in potato based products and is only operating in the UK with all of its production like based in the UK also.

2.0 Describe how the Human Resource function could support the promotion of Pars’ philosophy, “Pars Food, It’s all good” throughout its organisation.

2.1 The Pars Philosophy
Pars Food Limited have a positive philosophy which is portrayed in their slogan “Pars Food, It’s all good”. This slogan promotes the point that within the company there are no flaws and that everything will run well and efficiently. This efficiency and well ran plans can be shown through the company’s code of conduct, core values, strategy and vision.
2.2 How human resources effects philosophy
Human resources management was defined as ‘a strategic, integrated and coherent approach to the employment, development and well-being of the people working in organizations’ by Boxall and Purcell (2003). Noon, 1992 (as cited in Armstrong, 2014 a, p6) drew ‘doubts of whether HRM was a map, a model or a theory. But it is evident that the original concept could be seen as a philosophy’. The human
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