The Effect Of Peer Pressure On Children

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“Just take one sip,” your half-drunk best friend says. You know you do not want to, but you are hesitant to say no, why? Children and teenagers everywhere are being constantly pestered by their peers to do what is “cool” in order to fit in. Unfortunately, some people will cave in to the enticing offer in order to keep their friends and a popular reputation. This is known as peer pressure. Peer pressure is the influence an individual feels from a person or group of people around his/her age to do something he/she would not consider trying. In addition, peer pressure provides a number of negative effects such as, tempting an individual to try bad activities, causing him/her to rely too much on the group of people, and leading a person poor choices. There are a surplus amount of negative effects peer pressure can provide for adolescents around the world. One negative effect of peer pressure is it will tempt an individual to try bad activities. To begin, by being with immature friends that encourage wrong activities, they can influence he/she to make those bad decisions. Most teenagers what to be popular or fit in, so they feel obligated to do what is favored amongst their peers. Even though teenagers know it is the wrong decision, they are still hesitant to say no. In addition, once an individual tried a bad activity, it starts to become a habit. According to the Underage Research Drinking Initiative, “⅔ of tenth graders and ⅖ of eighth graders tried alcohol.” As a result,

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