The Effect Of Peer Pressure On Teens And Schools

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Peer pressure in society today has a negative effect on teens and schools should implement programs to help teens battle with peer pressure. Nowadays Peer pressure is a major problem in the lives of teens. These problems not only occur in school, but also outside of schools. If schools decide to implement programs teaching teenagers how to successfully battle peer pressure, a lot of decision-making for teens would be different. Not only in educational programs but in their everyday lives as well.

Peer pressure can happen at any age ( Peer Pressure 1). Most teens are being influenced in negative ways by peers and it is affecting the teenage population all over the world (A new brand of peer pressure strikes teens 1). Teens do not exactly know how to make decisions on their own, so they look for peers to make their decision or for their peers opinions (Dealing with peer-pressure 1 ). If schools would implement peer pressure programs it would benefit the decision that teenagers are making. It would also teach them how not to fall under the influence of peers. Teenagers tend to let peers influence them in a negatively way. Which cause drastic changes in their everyday life (Dealing with peer-pressure 1).

Teenagers who are involved with peer pressure face many challenges with his or her own decision-making. Teens may be going through a phase of peer pressure and not even notice that they are being pressured (Peer Pressure 1). The peers who…
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