The Effect Of Performance Measurement On The Public Sector

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Who is considered the father of TQM, what are the key elements, and why are they important in our discussion of performance measurement in the public sector? The father of Total Quality Management is W. Edwards Deming. The key elements of TQM are: 1. Leaders must develop and disseminate the aims and purposes of the organization. Management must also commit to them. 2. Everyone, including upper management, must learn the new philosophy. 3. In the interest of processes improvement and cost reduction, everyone must understand the purpose of inspection. 4. Eliminate the practice of using cost as the basis for awarding business. 5. Improve systems of production and service continuously. 6. Implement modern training methods. 7. Teach leadership. 8. Eliminate fear, build trust, and create an environment conducive to innovation. 9. Staff and work groups must be optimized toward the aims of the organization. 10. Eliminate please to the workforce. 11. Eliminate numerical quotas for work, instead of learning and implementing methods for improvement. 12. Eliminate obstacles that deprive people of pride in their work. 13. Encourage worker education and self- amelioration. 14. Act to bring about the transformation. The key elements are important in our discussion of performance measurement in the public sector because without these key elements there will be no performance improvement nor customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is essential for the progress of any organization. •
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