The Effect Of Persuasion On Media And Other Such Forms Of It

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For the purpose of the this paper I will be covering the topic of persuasion in media and other such forms of it. I will be going over the six principles of persuasion that was coined by Cialdini and showing how businesses and other corporations have been using them in out tv commercials, print ads and other forms of media. I will demonstrate this by covering a 2003 print ad by nintendo to make their fresh off the market GameBoyAdvance appeal to a broader and, most importantly, older audience in the late months (November) of 2003.
In Robert Cialdini’s article “Harnessing the Science of Persuasion“, he goes on to uncover the six principles of persuasion and anyone can learn them for their own use. He goes on by saying that there are people that seem to have a natural ability to persuade, and those who do not; what he suggest that the six universal principles of persuasion can be learned by anyone and can help businesses when applied. Starting this off is the first of the six which “Liking”, which the best way to have customers is be friends with them, as stated in the article “People like those who like them”. A good way to have someone on your side is to establish good relationships with them, finding common hobbies and interests is something that you can do to build a growing friendship with someone; thus placing them on open ears when you want to want to steer their choice. Adding o to this is giving one praise especially to those on shaky terms; as the article explains,
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