The Effect Of Ph On Enzyme Activity

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Determining the Effect of pH on Enzyme Activity Biology 1630 By: Princetta Samuels November 30, 2015 Abstract: The experiment was to assay and study an enzyme called peroxidase using a spectrophotometer. Determining the effects of pH on peroxidase is one of the main actions of this specific experiment. Investigating the special effects of several pH solutions and analyze the color alteration and then equating the absorbance in their outcomes by graphing pH levels within seconds. Introduction: Enzymes are particular proteins that have an exclusive shape and chemical composition that creates a site, called and active site, for connection between the enzyme and other molecules called substrates. The shape and chemical makeup of the active site provides an area for part of the substrate to connect with the enzyme. Part of the active site holds the substrate and part catalyzes the reaction. Enzymes lower the activation energy of a reaction. Binding enzymes will create an enzyme-substrate complex. The result is a chemical change in the substrate which is called the product. The enzyme that was studied was called peroxidase. It is a large protein containing just over three hundred amino acids. It has an iron located at its active site. Materials/Methods: There were multiple materials used during the experiment. A blender, banana, markers, spectrophotometer cuvettes, 10 mi. test tube/rack, 50 ml beakers, and a 5 ml pipette. The solutions used during the experiment
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