The Effect Of Ph, Temperature, And The Inhibitor Hydroxylamine On Brassica Rapa Peroxidase

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The Effects of pH, Temperature, and the inhibitor Hydroxylamine on Brassica rapa Peroxidase Enzyme

Sriya Bhamidipati

Abstract. Peroxidase is an enzyme whose main function is to break down hydrogen peroxide. It is rich in content in the organism Brassica rapa, or the turnip. The purpose of this study was to investigate and observe the effects of pH, temperature conditions and the inhibitor Hydroxylamine on Peroxidase ‘s ability to break down Hydrogen Peroxide. By observing the absorbance change of different solutions of differing concentrations of Peroxidase, pH5 buffer and Guaiacol, a color changing dye enzyme activity was measured. Each solution was exposed to a unique temperature, pH or Hydroxylamine. The temperatures tested were 5℃,
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This unique shape of an enzyme causes specification and limits the type of substances that can bind to the enzyme’s active site. The active site is the site where the chemical reaction will take place and the substance or substances that bind to the active site are called substrates.
An enzyme- substrate complex is created after a specific substrate connects with the active site. Covalent bonds in the substrate are stressed or are vulnerable oriented to attack by surrounding molecules in order for the substrate undergo a chemical reaction,. The enzyme can be assisted by cofactor or coenzymes in the decomposition of synthesis of the substrate or substrates. Products formed can be used to carry out various cellular functions (Dolphin and Vleck, 2015).

The research and observations of this lab primarily focused on the enzyme activity of the enzyme Peroxidase. Peroxidase is a large protein and is composed of more than three hundred amino acids. The enzyme was selected as it is easy to experiment with and effectively showcases the effects of varying independent variables, such as pH and temperature. Peroxidase catalyzes the decomposition reaction of the chemical Hydrogen Peroxide ( H2 O2 ) into water and an electron donating molecule, which stands for R in the written chemical equation. ( The equation is displayed below: H2 O2 + RH2→ 2 H2 O+ R
In this lab, guaiacol, a color changing dye, was used in place of R and turned

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