The Effect Of Photography On My Leisure Time

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A Device To Freeze Time
Think of how incredible it would be for one to be able to freeze a moment in time or perhaps go back in time to any moment in their life whenever they want. I hold this amazing power in the palm of my hands daily. It is called a camera. Every day, I use this device in a pastime known as photography. Photography is a hobby I enjoy in my leisure time because it allows me to express my artistic creativity, it utilizes technology, and it is timeless. Photography is a great pastime because it allows me to express my artistic creativity. Many see photography as an easy way to take a picture with a camera. However, it is actually one of the most complex forms of art. In general, photography is using a device to freeze time and pile all the information into an image that we call a photograph. Photographs are the way we see life outside of our environment, a way for us to see into the eyes of the photographer. The beauty of photography is that it is one of the quickest forms of art because it requires just three things: a camera, a subject, and a vision. The only thing that separates the vision and reality is literally a click of a button. The question that comes to mind in that moment is if it is worth the time to click the shutter button. Like every other artist in history, I try to make the most of what I have and strive to create something worth seeing. This challenge of thinking outside the box for creativity has led me to my style of portrait and
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