The Effect Of Physical Activity On The Classroom

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1. Measurement- 117- giving numbers to an object that indicate a value. For example, time given to physical activity in the classroom can be measured in minutes.
2. Evaluation- 118- a judgement of the value of an object or individual based on observation. For example, students in Finland are observed by researchers to see how much physical activity helps academic output.
3. Assessment- 118- a measurement or evaluation. For example, students are assessed on several traits throughout the school year including Reading scores. This reading score is a measurement of how well students are able to read, write, and identify words and letters.
4. Population- 96- a large group from which a sample can be picked for research purposes. For example, “Schools in Finland” would be the population form which researchers chose schools to compare to schools in the United States in the study of “physical activity in the classroom.”
5. Sample-95- a group chosen out of and representing the population, or total available participants, for a research study. For example, a small number of schools in Finland were studied in order to make observations for a study that represents all Finnish schools.
6. Snowball Sampling-107- when a group of participants brings more members into the sample. For example, when administrators are interviewed and refer to more administrators who could provide information.
7. Participant-95- the observed object or individual of research. For example, the students in…
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